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life is like a box of chocolate.. u never know wht u r gonna get!! so, live to the fullest!! appreciate everybody & everything around you.. :)


Challenges from Allah to us..

Assalamualaikum & Hello..

It has been indeed a very long silence from me. Many things happened in between of my first trip to Melbourne until today. Bitter & sweet, happy & sad..

Among them are:

1) My beloved grandpa left us after one week I reached Melbourne. Al Fatihah for arwah wan.
2) Melbourne became my 2nd home for almost 9 months since 1st stepped on its ground. On & off from mid of Jan until early March. And straight from May until Dec'13.
3) My kids and mother in law stayed with me in Melbourne for 2 months. They loved the place and definitely enjoy their time there ❤❤.
4) Hubby's cancer has spread to his lung. He was diagnosed with malignant fibro histiocytoma in August 2011. His condition was good until he started to have cough in Dec'13. I will tell in details about his cancer background and treatments that he had went through in another post, insyaAllah.

OK, till my next post.. Take care!!



Greetings from Melbourne


I'm back online from my nest.. such a spacious studio, thanks to Australian Open.. all standard rooms are taken!!

My trip started FANTASTICALLY!! why? was supposed to fly on business class (which is already superb).. but my seat was upgraded to 1st CLASS!!! walawehhh.. this is something which might happen once in my life!! everything, from greetings, services, seat, meal, snacks, my own private 'suite' are all 1st class.. they do reflect their PRICE!!!

i was abit dub dab dub dab, anxious abt getting thru immi & custom.. Alhamdulillah, i passed all checkpoints without any fuss.. i just kept on smiling, hoping tht being nice wud lemme off their checkings!! yippiee.. it worked..

my arrival time was ard 1.55 am.. by the time i came out from the arrival hall, it was ard 2.25 am.. luckily i've made earlier arrangement for chauffer pickup.. or else i wudnt know where to head to.. the airport is very quiet..

my driver came ard 5 mins later, then off we gooo.. it took ard 20 mins to reach the city..

Vibe Savoy Hotel.. yeah, i'm staying here at this mom.. for the next weeks i guess.. :-)

ok, till next time.. tata!!

Melbourne, Aussie


10 cent

Apekah value 10 sen kat korang? Wht do think 10 cent can do now? Mesti ader yg ckp, "ala.. takat 10 sen.."

Last week my dotter told me, "mama, tomorrow i need to pay 10 cent to my class teacher.." the 10 cent is for the timetable.. ok laa, maybe there are people like... ala, seposen pon mintak.. but, we nvr know the teacher situation kan? maybe dia kene photostat not only the timetable.. ader benda lain skali ker...

Anyway, back to the story, i told syasya to use her pocket money.. helloooo.. duit belanja 2 hengget.. bkn habis pon... 10 sen pon nk mintak mama.. dia xnak okehhhhh...

kesimpulannye: adik kemutttt!! hahaha





Where is Melbourne? What is nice in Melbourne? Is it easy to find/get halal food in Melbourne?

Well, I've done my research (errr.. in abt 5 min time :P)...

Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia. The Melbourne City Centre is the hub of the greater metropolitan area and the Census statistical division—of which "Melbourne" is the common name. As of June 2009, the greater geographical area had an approximate population of four million. Inhabitants of Melbourne are called Melburnians. Melbourne City Centre is also known as Central Business District (CBD)..

It will take us 8 hrs by flight from KL to Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.. The city is ahead by 3 hrs from Msia's time..

Fortunately it's quite easy to get halal food there.. thx to Mr Google for all the info.. ;-)

Will let u guys know wht are interesting there soonnnn.. ;-)

ps: credit to wiki for the info & pictures..



Swimming class


I'm writing this post while waiting for my kids. They r having their swimming lesson now..

Up to now, they hv been following their lesson for almost 10 months.. With few breaks in between, Alhamdulillah.. Irfan is now at Level 5, learning butterfly.. and syasya is at Level 3, learning backstroke..

For those who are interested in sending their kids to swimming class, i would recommend Supersharkz Swimschool. There are 2 branches, one in Klang, another one in Shah Alam.. i'm sending them to Shah Alam's Supersharkz..

For more info, u can refer to their facebook page.. search for Supersharkz Swimschool. Btw, this swimschool is owned by Marilyn Chua.. one of Msia's swimmer.. :-) she is now coach for Selangor's swimming team..

Ok.. tht's all for nowww.. bubbyeee



I'm currently testing blog features
on my phone.. just realized tht i can adjust the size of photos uploaded here.. :P

test test test


Point of view

Sometimes we do have our own point of view.. That applies to others as well.. Like old peeps said, "Rambut sama hitam, hati lain2"..

For myself, at certain point, i'll just do wht i think is right.. lantak laa aper org nk kater.. it's hard to please everybody.. the best thing is, do wht is best for you!!! :-) wht u think can make u happy...

Have a blast Sunday all!!!



Looking for the missing bag...


Yeayyy.. this time I manage to keep to my promise.. :-) started blogging at this hour.. :P

i'm now waiting for Irfan to finish his assembly.. need to get back his school bag..




Hello world

Hi peeps..

SORRRYYYYY!! i know i've been away for soooooo longggggg...

but guess whatttt?? now i can blog at anytime, anywhere!!! maybe i'm abit outdated.. didnt realize there is an app which can straight away update my blog.. it's cooooolllll mannnn...

till next time!!!



New place, new challenges... Sad beginning...

Hello peeps,

How are you feeling today? Hope everybody has a great weekend and ready for a fresh new week tomorrow :).

Just a quick update, I am in Algiers, Algeria now. For those who is uncertained on the location (I was one of those previously :P), Algeria is one of North African countries. Located in between of Tunisia and Morocco.

At this moment I am still staying at a hotel, until admin found a suitable apartment for me. So, below are pictures of my current nest, Hilton Hotel Algiers.

I have been here since 11th July 2011. My trip was postponed for few times due to some business and also personal matter. At first I was supposed to come somewhere in May, postponed due to project request. Then 04th July, also postponed due to another project request in KL. My trip was then scheduled on 08th July.

On 07th July evening, hubby received call from his mom saying that ayah (my father in law) was not well. We immediately packed for 3 days 2 nights, told maid to get ready, me put whatever important to bring for my trip (which I had quickly decided on my own to postpone to uncertain date).

We reached Muar around 11.30 pm. Ayah looked very pale and thin. We went back somewhere in June, he was in better condition at that time. Mom was waiting for his brother, Ayah Man, to come, trying alternative ways to help ayah.

In the meanwhile, I made a call to Algeria. I asked my PM for postponement. Gladfully, he agreed. I changed my flight ticket from 08th July to 11th July early morning. Then I quickly sent emails to my local manager and travel agent for necessary arrangements on my flights etc.

The next morning, ayah still refused to eat. We tried to persuade him to take his oat and water. I asked hubby to pull ayah, and let him sit in front of me, hoping it would be easier for him to eat while sitting instead of laying down. It did help. Ayah managed to finish 1/2 bowl of quaker oat, drank almost 1 cup of water/tea.

That afternoon, hubby and his brother, Aloy fetched Ayah Man from Kluang, around 1 1/2 hour drive from Muar. Me & the kids just stayed at home. Went out to Guardian to get ayah Enercal Plus. That evening hubby & Aloy brought back hospital bed for Ayah. It would be easier for mak to feed ayah.

Saturday morning we moved ayah to his new bed. He looked fine. Able to eat and drink. When I asked, "Ayah, do you want to drink?".. He would nod. After finishing his cup of drink, he would say, "aaa..." Ayah Man massaged ayah for 3 days in a row, and his condition became better.

Sunday morning we went back to Shah Alam, after ensuring that ayah was in a better condition. He was eating and drinking more than we first arrived on Thursday night. I kissed his hand and cheek before we went back home. That very night, I left for Algeria.

I arrived in Algeria around 7 pm Malaysia time, it was 12 noon in Algeria. After traveling more than 15 hours, my room was not ready. I waited for almost 1 hour, before asking the receiption again about my room. The moment I get into my room, I was so exhausted. I arranged all my stuffs, cleaned up, and ready to get online. I spent around 4-5 hours sitting on my bed, checking the internet speed, getting frustrated on my netbook!!, then knocked off.

The next morning, Tuesday, before I left for office, on my very first day, hubby called me. He said ayah could hardly breathed. He was rushed to hospital by ambulance. Again hubby, kids and maid rushed back to Muar. Ayah was admitted to ICU, put on life support machine. Doctor said ayah also had diabetes, which none of us was aware of. He was put under observation for 5 days. Only Allah knows my feelings at that time. My prayers were always with ayah, hoping for the best for him.

Wednesday before lunch time in Algeria, around 6 pm in Malaysia, hubby called me. The doctor asked for consent to stop ayah's life support machine, less than the expected observation time they had given earlier. I know how hubby felt at that moment, but both of us understand, maybe that was the best for ayah. He had been illed for quite sometimes.

After Maghrib 13th July 2011, ayah left us forever. He was surrounded by all his beloved families. His wife, children, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. I wanted to go back. I spoke to my boss, wanted to speak to my PM. But hubby said don't need. He is fine, insyaAllah he could manage with the help of others. Alhamdulillah Allah bless us with big families and caring relatives.

Ayah that I know, was a sporting father. He used to spoil his kids with whatever that they like. After we got Irfan and Syasya, he often bought them clothes. Everytime we go back to Muar, there must be something he bought and kept for them. Not only for them, he even bought me a sweater. Whenever mak is having hard time with my maid, ayah would be the one to calm her down. Thinking of ayah, reminds me of his baju melayu. Every year, alhamdulillah without failed, we prepare him a pair of baju melayu for Eid. And for this year, his baju melayu is still with tailor.

Now ayah is no longer with us. InsyaAllah, he is at a better place now. Although I was not next to him when he dies, but I am glad that I had chance to see him before I left. I am glad that I had chance to feed him, I am glad that I had chance to kiss his hands, I am glad that I had chance to kiss his cheeks. Al Fatihah for arwah ayah!!

Loc: Algiers, Algeria