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Challenges from Allah to us..

Assalamualaikum & Hello..

It has been indeed a very long silence from me. Many things happened in between of my first trip to Melbourne until today. Bitter & sweet, happy & sad..

Among them are:

1) My beloved grandpa left us after one week I reached Melbourne. Al Fatihah for arwah wan.
2) Melbourne became my 2nd home for almost 9 months since 1st stepped on its ground. On & off from mid of Jan until early March. And straight from May until Dec'13.
3) My kids and mother in law stayed with me in Melbourne for 2 months. They loved the place and definitely enjoy their time there ❤❤.
4) Hubby's cancer has spread to his lung. He was diagnosed with malignant fibro histiocytoma in August 2011. His condition was good until he started to have cough in Dec'13. I will tell in details about his cancer background and treatments that he had went through in another post, insyaAllah.

OK, till my next post.. Take care!!



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